Lightningwear Holster

Lightningwear CCW Concealment Concealed Under-Clothing Holster NEW!

This is a great concealed-weapon holster that is worn under your pants, slacks, or skirt.

Lightningwear Unisex Deep-Concealment Holster

Because if you have a defensive carry weapon,
and have  trained to use it well,
it is Absolutely, Positively, Completely Useless
if you leave it at home .

For Invisible On-Body Carry

Comes in Black and White - Currently Available in BLACK ONLY!

One size fits waist sizes to 48"

What is this thing?
When most people first pick up this holster, they think, "What the heck IS that thing? It weighs next to nothing (3.5 ounces). It's made of nylon and padded fabric. That's the silliest 'holster' design that I've ever seen!" But sometimes, first appearances can be deceiving. Didn't your Momma tell you not to judge a book by its cover?

This holster is similar to, and based on the same
basic design concept as the more expensive "Smartcarry"(TM)
or "Thunderwear"(TM) holsters. As you can see from the video below,
these holsters are basically a padded pouch that holds your weapon securely about 3"-5"  below your belly-button.
It has a wide velcro strap, and double bands of elastic on both sides, evenly distributing the weight of a weapon
across your back and both hips. 


The main difference is that the Lightningwear holster doesn't cost $50+.

But I already have a perfectly good IWB holster fitted to my gun!
Good. But do you ever leave it at home? Do you go to places where it's not possible to "dress around the gun"? Is it embarrasing when everyone else takes their jacket off, and you keep yours on? Can you take your rig to the beach or the pool? Is the dress code at work slacks, tucked-in dress shirt and tie, but never a coat? Could you take your shirt off?

My father tells the story of when he and his good friend Max the FBI special agent (who just happened to be a member of his church) traveled to California to conduct an interview of a possible new pastor. There they were in a church, in Califonia, the only two people in the entire congregation in suit coats. And of course, his friend Max was not supposed to be unarmed at any time. Eventually, with much anguish, the gun, holster and suit coat all wound up together in the trunk of the rental car - and Max spent the rest of the time nervously peering out the church window to make sure no one got too near the car.

But the draw from inside clothing will be slow!
     Compared to what, exactly? The draw is a lot faster than asking your assailant, "Would you mind waiting while I go home and get my gun?" I've carried a gun daily for ten years, and never drawn it once in a confrontation. But I've always been armed even when it would look like there was no possibility that I was carrying a gun. Life is full of imperfect trade-offs.  

     The question itself suffers from the misconception that a faster draw is always good, which anyone who has graduated from Law School will tell you, is - at best - incomplete. Most experts assert that the best defense is not a weapon, but avoidance of the dangerous situation - which requires even more awareness and quick thinking. Unless you happen work in a profession that grants you legal immunity while waiving a gun about, the awareness that it would take a bit longer to draw a weapon might conceivably save one from being arrested and charged with brandishing a weapon. 
     And the utter improbability that you could possibly be armed while wearing, say, just a bathing suit on a remote beach, compensates by surprise what it lacks in raw speed. 

There's no way that it won't be obvious that there's a gun in my pants.
      Actually, most people over-estimate their importance to others. By and large, most people simply aren't paying attention at all. And even the ones who are paying attention, extremely rarely notice this sort of holster.  
      Like a magic trick, the Lightningwear holster conceals by misdirection. Let's face it - most people (even those in professional law enforcement) are embarrassed to direct a lot of visual attention to other people's groins in public. The Lightningwear holster sits directly in front of the groin, is softly padded, and completely breaks up the sillouette of a pistol, except possibly for a bulge caused by the end of the weapon grip - depending on the size pistol carried in it. As you can see from the pictures below, , small guns disappear into it almost completely.
     Noted author John Ross [Unintended Consequences] is reputed to carry a four-pound 4" S&W .500 X-frame revolver in a Smartcarry(tm) holster nearly identical to the Lightningwear, every waking hour of the day. " 'In every class, someone complains there isn't any good way to conceal anything but a mousegun when wearing typical indoor clothing. I smile and draw the 500. Their eyes just bug out,' John says."1 
     I would agree with the manufacturer above that these sorts of holsters are NOT recommended for any pistol where the holster does not completely cover the trigger guard, but this illustrates the versatility of the general design. 


Full size 1911 style ,45

It sits in front of your groin? Is that safe?
     Yes, it is. Because it sits in front of your groin, the barrel of the weapon points not at you, but at the ground between your legs. Most IWB holster designs at least potentially point the barrel at some point on your lower torso. Additionally, if you were to fall or be knocked over, most IWB designs are capable of causing significant amounts of bruising and/or damage if you fall and catch your entire body weight on top of the weapon. The rear-draw IWB placement is even capable of causing significant spinal damage if one falls backward on the weapon.  
     In contrast, it is relatively unlikely that one would fall forward absolutely flat onto one's groin, and thus directly on top of the weapon, simply because that isn't how human anatomy works.
     I myself practice the Japanese martial art of Aikido, which makes extensive use of falls and rolls. I would not attempt an Aikido roll with a conventional IWB holster, both for retention and injury reasons - but I don't have a problem doing rolls with this design of holster. There are no body movement restrictions. Because the weapon is trapped under clothing, there is no rentention problem either.
    There is one additional feature regarding this design and safety: The holster and weapon protect your groin from attack almost effectively as if you were wearing a steel athletic cup. My Kahr K40 weighs 30 oz. loaded. An assailant who decided to kick my groin would be kicking almost 2 pounds of machined steel instead of what he thought he was going to kick.  

But what if have to I hug Aunt Mabel?
      Er, if Aunt Mabel can feel your weapon in this holster while hugging, I'd have to question your general level of intimacy with Aunt Mabel. Most people hug with their upper torsos, not a full-court press. In all seriousness, however, the weapon falls between your legs in such a way that even wives or girlfriends sitting on your leg or even sitting directly on your lap are unlikely to notice anything amiss or unusual.  

 How does the draw work - doesn't your shirt get in the way?

        Good question. As noted above, one of the reasons that guys find this holster to be useful is that there are styles of dress where it is only appropriate to have a neatly tucked-in shirt, thus eliminating the cover of bloused shirts and jackets. Most guys wear this holster on top of their tucked-in shirt, so that the holster actually keeps the shirt from blousing - thereby making sure that the fabric doesn't get in the way if the weapon has to be drawn. Women can also do this, if they are in office-professional attire with a formal tucked-in blouse and pants or a skirt. 

       Of course, ladies, you can also wear this holster with your shirt or blouse out - or even with a bare midriff, or a bikini top and a skirt or sarong. Guys can take their shirts completely off and wear it under a bathing suit or shorts.
     The actual draw is accomplished by sticking the thumb of your off hand into your waistband, drawing it out, while sticking your strong hand in and drawing the weapon. It doesn't hurt to suck in your tummy slightly at the same time - but the draw is not complicated or difficult. In general, there is no need to wear a larger pants size, as long as your pants are currently appropriately sized, and you're not attempting to draw a weapon with a huge grip. If you currently use an IWB holster, there certainly will be no problem drawing with the Lightningwear holster from the same pair of pants. 

Women Specific features: Not Dependent on Clothing for Support 
      Men wear belts. Compared to women's fashions, even a haute couture men's dress belt is a big sturdy heavy belt. Women wear fashionable belts barely suitable for keeping up the pants or skirt that they go around. Or, they don't wear belts at all. For most forms of on-body carry, this is a real problem for women.
       Another advantage of the Lightningwear holster is that it is completely self-supporting: It is its own belt, so it puts no weight on your belt or your clothes. This is a real advantage, allowing one to wear light skirts or sarongs or other fashion choices that would never lead anyone to suspect that you were armed. For the guys, this means that they can be armed when dressed in elastic-waist jogging shorts or sweat pants.
Don't try this (below) with a conventional IWB holster!


  Bad Back, or Other Physical Limitation? 

      If you've ever had a slipped disk, thrown your back out, or had any sort of injury that stressed your back muscles, and you carry a gun, you know that there's a real problem with most carry methods: They put several pounds of extra weight off-center on your torso, with almost all of the weight concentrated at a single spot. While this does not bother most people when they are uninjured, it can be excrutiating if you are injured, and even prevent you from carrying. 

      The Lightningwear holster is designed to spread the weight of the weapon evenly across both hips and your back, and the weapon is located at the center of your body, right in front of your center of gravity. This is the MOST comfortable carry method if you suffer with any sort of back injury. Because it can be worn 4-5 inches lower than your waist on the hips, I've found that it can even avoid aggrevating lower back problems.    

I personally use the Lightningwear holster on a regular basis
 and recommend it. It allows a far greater range of clothing styles than traditional holsters, and allows one to be armed when one otherwise would not.

Now there's no excuse for leaving your weapon at home.
Order one today, and I'll ship it out tomorrow.

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The standard color is black, and that is what will normally be shipped. IF you need a WHITE holster because you wear white or light yellow pants, just make a note in the COMMENTS section of Paypal checkout, or send us an email


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